Design firm that creates brand identities, commercials, websites, apps, films, books and objects for clients, audiences and ourselves. We are a full service studio creating strategy and design across all platforms.

Our Services

Visual identity
Strategy and concepts translated into visual identities. Brand, product or corporate identity is our main area of expertise; no matter whether your challenge involves naming, a re-design, brand manuals, type design – or just a logo. For the past ten years we have designed more than a hundred visual identities for a diverse range of clients.

Graphic design and production
Extensive campaigns, annual reports, brochures, stationery, newspaper ads and everything in between – we help you with all your everyday needs. We manage your design and production challenges by combining fast service with a thorough understanding of both your brand and your business.

Digital design
Whether your branding needs are purely digital or you just need a simple website to support your offline communication, we help get your business interactive. From web design and newsletter templates, to animation and digital presentations, we ensure that your concepts and visual identities are integrated seamlessly into the design solution.

Out team
Kirill Ruguzov
Art Director
Stas kravchik
Sergey Labzin
3d designer
Ilya Yokkinnen
Art producer
Arkadi Rudik
Marem Gukejev
Tech. designer
Alexey Gilyadov
Web developer